RBJ Reinforced Plastics Ltd


Reinforced Plastics

What we do

We are experts in pultrusion, pull winding and filament winding in both fibreglass (GRP or FRP) and carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CRP) profiles with over 30 years of experience for OEM’s in high tech and demanding applications. As a UK based manufacturer and distributor we work closely with our customers designing, developing and manufacturing accurate, complex custom profiles.

We also have a comprehensive range of standard profiles in both fibre glass and carbon fibre including:
- Glass fibre rods and tubes, carbon fibre rods and tubes
- Glass fibre angles
- Glass fibre channels
- Glass fibre flat bars, carbon fibre flat strips
- Glass fibre square and rectangular tubes

Note: All dimensions are nominal sizes (die sizes)

And, we manufacture other products such as:
- Glass fibre cable trays
- Insulated construction tools
- GRP roof edge trims

Cable trays -  Insulated construction tools - GRP roof edge trims